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Make your 2016 year-end celebration

a Memorable Event

Add a “Twist of Happiness” to your Menu

Bappa Choudhury + Happiness         

Why should you read this: 
If you are involved in planning or organizing a year-end celebration event for your Staff, Students, or Board / Association / Church, continue reading below...


Your Challenge:  You want your event to be fun-filled and memorable.  We can help you.


The Answer:  Add a “Twist of Happiness” to your menu and invite TWO surprise guests:
Bappa Choudhury and Happiness!


The PLAN:  Bappa, a Professional Speaker, will thrill your guests with a fun-filled talk (length is your choice), tying in your desired messages, and top it off with a healthy dose of Happiness


The WHY you should book Bappa and Happiness:

  1. Happiness is a catalyst for Higher Performance which, in turn, fuels Success.

  2. Happiness is contagious and it is perfectly legal and safe to spread Happiness.

  3. Happy Staff make for Happy Customers.  Happy Customers come back for MORE.


Customer Feedback on Bappa and Happiness:


“…I had the distinct pleasure of hearing Bappa speak at UPenn’s School of Nursing…he was "better than an anti-depressant!" I invited him to speak to our "Living Independently for Elders" clinicians. They were spell bound.  He has a gift. If you have him speak to your church, community group or business, you will not be disappointed.”


“…Bappa is a wonderful motivator who delivers happiness along with good business sense. We received fantastic feedback after he delivered inspirational and personalized diversity day presentations. I highly recommend Bappa. You will not be disappointed! ”



This “Twist of Happiness” is valid for parties & events scheduled from November 28 through December 21, 2016.  Bappa and Happiness will travel to your location (Greater Philadelphia Region Only).  Discount offered for FIRST 15 bookings.


Book Early. Slots will fill up FAST.  Contact Bappa for details


Share this message and make others HAPPY!


Offer valid for bookings in the Greater Philadelphia Area Only



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