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About Bappa

Bappa Choudhury is a dynamic professional speaker, leadership coach and a sought-after consultant on Success & Happiness. 
Bappa firmly believes that Happiness is a catalyst for High Performance.  And Higher Performance fuels Success.  He speaks about his discipline to happiness through his mantra: Breathe, Balance & Believe.
He also believes he has one of the MOST FUN and FULFILLING jobs on the Planet Earth:  Helping make others HAPPY! 
Prior to becoming a Professional Speaker and Consultant, Bappa learned much about happiness and life from a richly rewarding 32 year corporate career with the German Medical Engineering conglomerate, Siemens.  At Siemens, he gained experience from roles in Technical Service, Product Marketing, Services Marketing, Sales, and Senior Management, coupled with extensive travel across the world.
Bappa has also coached many senior executives in Leadership and Strategy.  He has served as President of a Digital Healthcare company and he has spoken across the world on the topic of Diversity.  His keynote speech is “Diversity of Thought:  Together we are Stronger.”  Bappa’s primary priority in success is the need for Personal and Professional balance in Life.
Bappa was born in India and grew up in various parts of Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.  He and his wife of 31 years now live in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  They have three children and two dogs.  Bappa holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from McGill University. 
David Weiman -- Pre-Hire Assessment, Executive Coaching & Leadership Development | President, Weiman Consulting | (610) 642-3040                  
“Bappa is a tremendous human being, motivational speaker and career/life guide. I have had the privilege of seeing him present programs on three different occasions to business leaders. Each time, the groups were completely engaged and transformed in their thinking about how to gain more personal and professional success and fulfillment in life. His message is delivered so effectively because he uses humor, images, stories and experiences from the participants in a way that connects them to the most powerful and reliable parts of themselves.

His "Breathe, Balance and Believe" principles are wonderful guideposts for business growth, personal growth and happiness as you journey through life.”


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