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Hear my story in Laura Masi's Podcast on Facing Adversity 

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What I Offer

  • In-Person and Online Zoom Speeches on Happiness, Performance, and Business Success 

  • Workshops to improve Listening, Planning, Presenting, & Selling

  • Coaching for Individuals & Teams

  • Management Consulting

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"Breathe, Balance, & Believe" Podcast: This is a great Sunday morning listen from my friend and modern day philosopher - Bappa Choudhury - one of the happiest human beings I know. He is an incredible storyteller gathering stories from so many unique life experiences. Being in his presence won’t do anything but...light you up!

Edna Valentino

Spokesperson on QVC

Business Partner, Biohacking through Nutrigenomics

Bappa is a tremendous human being, motivational speaker and career/life guide. I have had the privilege of seeing him present programs on three different occasions to business leaders. Each time, the groups were completely engaged and transformed in their thinking about how to gain more personal and professional success and fulfillment in life. His message is delivered so effectively because he uses humor, images, stories and experiences from the participants in a way that connects them to the most powerful and reliable parts of themselves. His “Breathe, Balance and Believe” principles are wonderful guideposts for business growth, personal growth and happiness as you journey through life.

David Weiman

Pre-Hire Assessment, Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

President, Weiman Consulting

I have known Bappa for 30 years as a participant in training sessions I have conducted, as my client on projects in his various management positions and as a co-facilitator at training sessions – the one word I would use to describe Bappa – ACHIEVEMENT. ACHIEVEMENT – his ability to achieve what he has set for himself and his organization and his ability to empower you to achieve what you have set for yourself and your organization. Bappa is a leader, one who has a vision, one who is able to communicate that vision and engage followers to do that which is required to realize that vision.​

Lawrence Williams

Principal at Williams Leslie Group and Owner, Williams Leslie Group

Bappa is a wonderful motivator who delivers happiness along with good business sense. We received fantastic feedback from employees at 14+ sites after he delivered inspirational, and personalized, diversity day keynote presentations. I highly recommend working with Bappa. You will not be disappointed!​

Allyne Hennesy

Senior Program Manager of Diversity at Siemens Healthcare

I had the distinct pleasure of hearing Bappa speak at the University of Pennsylvannia School of Nursing. I did not know what to expect and was absolutely delighted. I commented after his presentation that he was "better than an antidepressant!" I enjoyed his presentation so much that I immediately invited him to speak to our "Living Independently For Elders," clinicians. They were spell bound! We all felt so refreshed after his presentation. Many stayed to have their pictures taken with him. He has a gift. If you can have him speak to your church, community group or business, you will not be disappointed!!!

Pamela Z. Cacchione
Director of Research, Living Independently For Elders UPenn

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